365 & 450 Grain Wagon





  • 30° side slope and 40° end slope on the gravity box.
  • Heavy duty bracing on slant side of box and rigid internal box reinforcing braces.
  • Rocking bolster is standard on gravity box.
  • A 40" wide door opening.
  • 7" x 12" grain viewing window.
  • Center dump chute for pit unloading.
  • Light kit consists of two 4" amber lights and two 4" red lights for added road safety.
  • Front mounted ladder.
  • Heavy duty running gears with structured tubing for bolsters.
  • Heavy duty spindles rated for full capacity.
  • Rear mounted SMV sign is standard.


NOTE: Used truck tires furnished by Demco will vary in quality and outward appearance. Demco will guarantee used tires to hold air for 30 days from date wagon is delivered to dealer lot and assumes no warranty or liability on used tires once removed from dealer premises.
NOTE: Units are factory setup.
icon AG20003 - 365 Bushel Grain Wagon (2.5 MB)
icon AG20023 - 450 Bushel Grain Wagon Manual (1.96 MB)